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How to File a Prohibited Personnel Practices Complaint

​​At this time, OSC is unable to pro​cess paper filings. Plea​se file electronically.​

​Federal employees, former federal employees, and applicants for federal employment can file a claim of a prohibited personnel practice with OSC by completing Form 1​4​​​ by clicking the green “File a Complaint” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen or downloaded and faxed to 202-653-0015. Completed forms can also be mailed to: 

U.S. Office of Special Counsel​
1730 M St. N.W., Suite 218
Washington, D.C., 20036-4505​​​ 

Some individuals may prefer to answer the questions on the Form 14 with a separate letter or document. This is acceptable, but it is important to include an​ otherwise blank but signed copy of the Form 14, because regulations state that OSC cannot consider a complaint without a copy of the Form 14.

If you wish to include docu​ments or attachments with your complaint, you can send them with your original complaint,​ or you may wait until an examiner contacts you in order to determine which documents will be most helpful. You should keep a copy of the Form 14 and any other documents you provide to OSC because you may need them in the event of an appeal. Due to laws regarding priv​acy, OSC cannot always return original documents to complainants, so you should keep any original documents that you may need and only provide copies to OSC.​