Reading Room - OSC Programs

Report Title Format
Prohibited Personnel Practices and Other Prohibited Activities
OSC’s Role in Protecting Whistleblowers and Serving as a Safe Channel for Government Employees to Disclose Wrongdoing PDF Format
Amended Port Mortuary Report PDF Format
Your Rights as a Federal Employee (Prohibited Personnel Practices, Whistleblower Disclosures, and the Hatch Act) PDF Format
Prohibited Personnel Practice Complaint Form (Form OSC-11) HTML FormatPDF Format
How Your Complaint Will Be Processed by the Office of Special Counsel HTML FormatPDF Format
What to Expect When Your Complaint Is Referred for Further Investigation HTML FormatPDF Format
OSC Policy Statement: Stays PDF Format
Your Role in an OSC Investigation PDF Format
Legal Representation
Designation of Personal Legal Representation PDF Format
Policy on Legal Representation at OSC Interviews PDF Format
Designated Agency Liaisons HTML FormatPDF Format
Memorandum of Understanding Between OSC and the Transportation Security Administration Regarding Whistleblower Protections for TSA Security Screeners PDF Format
OSC Mediation Program (booklet) HTML FormatPDF Format
Policy Statement on Disclosure of Information from OSC Program Files PDF Format
Policy Statement on Disclosure of Information about Prohibited Personnel Practice Complaints PDF Format
Prohibited Personnel Practices (poster) HTML FormatPDF Format
Whistleblower Retaliation (poster) HTML FormatPDF Format
5 U.S.C. § 2302(c) Certification Program (slide presentation) HTML FormatPPT Format
No FEAR Act Training (slide presentation) PPT Format
OSC Amicus Brief on Behalf of TSA Screeners PDF Format
OPM IG OSC Report Transmittal Letter to SC PDF Format